Monday, January 30, 2006

Fred Barnes on The Daily Show

This was one of the most refreshing interviews ever to be on televised. Fred Barnes is a staunch conservative. He writes for The Weekly Standard and recently published "Rebel-in-Chief," in which he asserts that President Bush has been largely mischaracterized by the media.

As outspoken as Stewart is about his criticisms of the White House, this discussion could have easily become yet another heated debate rife with rhetorical cheap shots. But it didn't. Stewart was a good host and Barnes was a very personable guest.

It wasn't a ground-breaking debate. But it was a very frank, genuinely good-natured discussion between two people with very different views. There were some very healthy laughs and it was a great chance for conservatives to see Stewart as something other than a liberal comic with an axe to grind and for liberals to see that people who support the President don't have horns growing out of their heads.

More TV moments like this would do everyone some good.

This episode first aired on January 23rd.



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