Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Hollywood Out of Touch?

It cracks me up when people say that Hollywood is out of touch with America. No one elected Hollywood. Hollywood doesn't make policy. Washington being out of touch is a problem. But Hollywood? Tinsel town? These are filmmakers. The ones who are really passionate about the craft are the dreamers, so of course they're a little out of touch with everyone else. Why is that a problem? No one ever says "Today's poets are just out of touch the country," or "The sculptors are completely out of touch with America." And the filmmakers who are just in it for the money, well, they run all kinds of focus groups to find out what people will pay to see. So they're very in touch. It's a strange phenomenon the way some people feel like the entire film industry has some kind of obligation to take a national poll and use the results as a guide for what kind of movies to make, as if such a poll were even possible.



Blogger SMA said...

Of course you don't see the problem with poets being out of touch...

Just kidding ;)

How can an industry that exists because of our desires to escape reality be knocked for being out of touch?

And to your point, it's not like they were elected.

It is interesting, though, how the big wigs were plugging going to the movies at this year's Oscars.

But I don't think declining box-office receipts is an "out of touch" issue.

I think it's in part a dvd issue. Movies come out in DVD so quickly there is hardly an incentive to see the movie in the theater.

And with home theaters/plasma TVs, the experience in-home can be close to the theater--and the popcorn is cheaper at home!

And good movies were few and far between this past year. I mean, I liked "Good Night and Good Luck," but it was hardly Oscar material...

Plus, I'm not shelling out $8 to see a movie that's 87 minutes long. That's a TV show, not a film...

And another thing... okay, I'll stop...


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