Thursday, September 21, 2006

In Nancy We Trust

What is Nancy Grace's show about exactly? It's not America's Most Wanted. We already have that show, and that show actually results in criminals getting caught. What's the point of Nancy Grace's show? It doesn't help catch anyone as far as I know. It doesn't offer thought-provoking insight into why people do criminal things. It appears to me that this show is essentially one self-appointed moral arbiter taking up the yoke of almighty victimhood every night so as to have an excuse to delve into morbid details about murders, rapes and kidnappings without appearing unseemly.

It's interesting that she's adopted this "I'm doing this to keep children safe" cover. It's the Bill O'Reilly strategy – act like your standing up for children, and anyone who assails you must be doing it because they hate children and love criminals.

It's a winning strategy apparently, since both shows seem to be drawing lots of viewers.

Interestingly, the Georgia gubernatorial candidates are also trying to one-up each other in the tough-on-crime department in their pre-election rumblings.

From Governor Sonny Perdue's site (

“Anyone who would prey on a child is a vile and disgusting human being,” said Governor Sonny Perdue. “Today we are sending a message to sexual predators: You will not be able to lurk behind your computer monitor any longer. We will find you, our courts will convict you and our prisons will keep you from harming our children.”

From Mark Taylor's website:

"Mark today called for the death penalty for repeat child molesters. If enacted Georgia would become the 6th state in the nation to execute people who repeatedly prey on children. 

This is part of Mark's Child Protection Act of 2007. The act is a three-pronged approach that will make our children safer. In addition to imposing the death penalty on repeat child molesters, the Act will help parents protect their kids from internet porn and will block the sale of violent video games to minors."

That's some bold rhetoric there from Mark and Sonny. Looks like they're both perfectly willing to lose the child molester vote. That takes balls. I'm voting for both of them.


Anonymous Steve said...

It's about time politicians went out on a limb and stood up for what they believe!


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